Web Support and Hosting Plans

Small Business Hosting and Web Support

There seems to be a burgeoning entrepreneurship rush as jobs are becoming harder to come by. The problem is that you need a web presence now and it can be difficult to run your business, draw in leads or sales, as well as maintain and develop a web presence.  A new service we are offering is web hosting with support; so when you get stuck moving that image, creating that automatic form, or setting up analytic goals we are here to help.  Tasks that can take 3 hours of your time to research and figure out can be solved in significantly less time with our help.


  1. Support can be used for SEO help, advice, and service.Web Hosting
  2. Support can also be used for web design work, tweaks, and updates.
  3. We can also provide some email and IT network help (remotely).


Basically we set you up with an unlimited hosting plan that will upgrade itself anytime you reach a threshold. The hosting plan is included in the price. If you have a slow month and don’t need any support your time is added to the following month.

Bronze –  One hour of support a month, billed at 20 minute increments. 45$/month

Silver – Two hours of support billed at 15 minute increments.  75$/month

Gold – Five hours of support billed at 15 minute increments.  155$/month

Take Charge

Get your small business up and running and know that you have an IT support team behind you and your website at a fraction of the cost of an in-house team.

  •  Hesitant about setting up that new blog or Google + account?
  •  Not sure where your or how your site can improve its search engine rankings?
  •  Cant figure out how to implement a new automatic contact form?
  •  Having trouble changing a part of your sites design?
  •  Email doesn’t seem to be setup correctly?

Take advantage of this new website support and give yourself a great web presence with worry free help and support.