Are you thinking of setting up a small business or maybe you already have one?  One thing is for certain, buy your domain name right away.  Once you own the domain you want I would recommend you start your business website right after.  It doesn’t have to be anything special, just start writing articles related to what your business is […]

Please Don’t Get Sucked Into a Free Site Builder How can I relate this to web hosting? Well it’s a big stretch but we offer contracts regarding your hosting plans. The only difference is that there is no cancellation fee and it’s a little unrealistic for you to keep a server in your home to run a website on.  It […]

ReThink has gone ahead with a new site design which hopefully flows a little better than the old site.  It also should increase its Google rankings as much effort has been put into SEO.  Only time will tell as we track the overall sites analytics and see where this beast is trending! We talk about our new support service a […]

Thank You For Choosing ReThink Hosting   Your making the right choice and we will do everything to prove you right.  We offer two quick ways to sign up: Give us a call, (647-882-0743) we always enjoy talking with clients and understanding your needs and goals.  Plus, we always throw free features into your plans to make them better suited […]

Plans and Pricing We have found that certain client groups do sometimes require similar specifications for their web hosting, this has enabled us to put together a few non-specific plans allowing for easy sign up, quick set up, and nearly immediate access. Current trends in the web hosting sphere have users sign up to predefined packages completely online conforming to […]

How Are We A Part Of The Solution? By employing several options to reduce consumption and increase efficiencies we are working towards a positive change. Stewardship Here at ReThink Hosting we do everything possible to try and reduce our ecological footprint.  Here are a few examples of our commitment. All of our paper is FSC certified ensuring responsible management and […]

Green Web Hosting All of our servers are powered by Canadian company BullFrog Power who supply Ontario and Canada with green energy.  Here at ReThink Hosting we are dedicated to providing our customers with the most reliable web hosting service possible.  We are fast, reliable, and affordable with secure servers that makes ReThink Hosting  the obvious choice.     Business […]

Green web hosting in Toronto We offer custom hosting plans for people in the Ontario and power our servers with 100% green energy from Bullfrog Power.   In addition to our commitment to renewable energy we also take a personal interest in your account and your needs.  Each of our customers are setup on a one on one basis, in fact […]

From time to time here at ReThink we are going to showcase some websites that we are hosting.  Toronto, and Canada for that matter has become a little bit of a technological hub so we really get some great ideas and environmentally conscience entrepreneurs. Stay tuned for our first profile!

Why Use Green Hosting ? ReThink Hosting was developed to fill a niche market for environmentally-conscious organizations and business that own or are developing a website. By transferring or hosting your domain with green server space, you will be directly supporting the expansion of renewable energy. This in turn will contribute directly toward the reduction of GHG emissions that occur […]