How Are We A Part Of The Solution?green stewardship

By employing several options to reduce consumption and increase efficiencies we are working towards a positive change.


Here at ReThink Hosting we do everything possible to try and reduce our ecological footprint.  Here are a few examples of our commitment.
  • All of our paper is FSC certified ensuring responsible management and stewardship of the world’s forests.
  • Our energy is derived from renewable sources such as wind or low-impact hydro supplied by Bullfrog Power.
  • The office participates in all recycling and waste diversion strategies employed within the municipality.
  • Our servers are frequently updated to take advantage of multicore CPU’s and energy consumption efficiencies that regularly take place.
  • Above all this we practice conservation on a daily basis which over the long run conserves resources and our planet.

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Have any suggestions, question, or partnerships? We are interested in stewardship ideas and always like to hear what you have to say.

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