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Green Web Hosting

All of our servers are powered by Canadian company BullFrog Power who supply Ontario and Canada with green energy.  Here at ReThink Hosting we are dedicated to providing our customers with the most reliable web hosting service possible.  We are fast, reliable, and affordable with secure servers that makes ReThink Hosting  the obvious choice.

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Business Web Site Support and Hosting

There is a lot of work in building and maintaining a website; we hope our small business service can alleviate some of the frustrations and hassles people encounter.  Instead of fighting for hours with some change, update, or reworking on your companies web site we offer assistance that gets you back doing what you do best.  Hourly blocks of support are included in our support and hosting plans allowing you to access professional help for whatever, whenever! If you find that you have a month with no help needed your time is simply added up to be used when you need it.

Small Business Support and Hosting



Web Design and Search Engine Optimization

Every day it becomes more important to rank well on Google and to a lesser extent other search engines.  More people are turning to the internet as a means of information than ever before.  Having your website rank well can be the difference of prospering and failing.  We work with clients to tweak your existing site and offer help in getting your site ranked higher.  There is no magic trick and for the most part it takes time for results to really be noticed; if someone offers to get your site in the top 10 within a short period of time you should be incredibly skeptical.

We design and build websites according to operational requirement of our clients.  Before we get started its important to meet and really hash out what your needs and expectations are for the project.  We do work to make our sites as SEO friendly as possible and train you to maintain and improve your rankings.

SEO and Web Site Design