Green web hosting in Toronto We offer custom hosting plans for people in the Ontario and power our servers with 100% green energy from Bullfrog Power.   In addition to our commitment to renewable energy we also take a personal interest in your account and your needs.  Each of our customers are setup on a one on one basis, in fact […]

We are currently busy working on the details of some new green hosting plans that should be available soon. You will need to check back with us to soon to see when we release these plans. All websites are powered with 100% green energy derived from either wind, solar, or hydroelectric sources.

From time to time here at ReThink we are going to showcase some websites that we are hosting.  Toronto, and Canada for that matter has become a little bit of a technological hub so we really get some great ideas and environmentally conscience entrepreneurs. Stay tuned for our first profile!

ReThink Hosting is a company dedicated to providing renewable powered hosting to environmentally conscience people and businesses. Servers consume an abundance of electricity and as we all know most electricity is powered with dirty sources like coal or Nuclear.  We have partnered with BullFrog Power to ensure that the electricity we consume is entirely from clean energy. Green Web hosting […]