Canadians, Websites, and Social Media

There was a recent article in the Globe and Mail that outlined how Canadian small businesses are not taking advantage of the internet and social media.  As Canadians we are lucky to be recognized as the most connected nation in the World.  Yet a recent Google report showed that fewer than half of Canada’s two million small businesses don’t even have a website…

That stat absolutely shocks me, the internet is used for everything now, anybody looking for anything simply Google’s it.  If you’re a small business without a web presence you are seriously missing out on some of the BEST advertising there is.

 Website Costs

We offer start-up websites for small businesses, they are not overly expensive and we can usually get a small business website up and running for $300 or $400.  This get you online and within the sight of Google who can provide a significant bump to your sales.  The content management system we use is easy to learn, in fact, if you can create a document in MS Word you probably already have all the skills necessary.

Advertising On The Internet

Again, Google still really dominates this sector.  If you’re looking to get ads for your business online than Google Adwords is probably your best starting point.  Adwords is really a fine art that needs to be learned though experience.  I would suggest just getting involved to get your feet wet and start comprehending how things work.  You can set your price, budget and any other factors so you don’t overspend.  Your ads will be placed on the headers, footers, and sidebars of both relevant websites as well as relevant Google searches.  You pay per click that these targeted ads receive.

Advertising Through The Internet

The very best advertising on Google is being ranked well for your business keywords.  As an example let’s say we have a small business selling widgets.  Getting ranked in the top 10 on Google for “cheap widgets” or “cheap widgets local city” will garner significant sales.  You can’t buy a high Google ranking, you need to earn it, which takes time. Ranking high for your business keywords will produce a windfall of success, traffic, and ideally, sales.  I have owned a few small business websites that have made the top 10 in Google for my targeted keywords, the increase in traffic is 10 fold.  The trick is getting your website to rank highly and we can help.  We can’t promise any solid numbers but we have had success in the past and we can give you the recipe.  If any business promises they can get you into the top 10 I would be highly sceptical.  Google uses a highly secretive algorithm that is changed frequently, so any ranking promise is unfounded.

Social Media Traffic

Social media can amplify your reputation and businesses credibility in both a positive and negative way incredibly fast.  You need to be prepared to take advantage and control damage that may occur quickly.  On top of that it is a lot of work, you need to have a Facebook page, Twitter account, YouTube channel, and the list can go on.  Pick the avenues that work the best for your business and work to promote those channels.


As always we are here to answer any questions you may have.  Post a comment or send us question via our contact page.

Remember the internet is still on its hockey stick curve, increasing exponentially.  If you’re a small business without a web presence you’re missing out on free leads and revenue everyday you postpone a company website.

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