Please Don’t Get Sucked Into a Free Site Builder

How can I relate this to web hosting? Well it’s a big stretch but we offer contracts regarding your hosting plans. The only difference is that there is no cancellation fee and it’s a little unrealistic for you to keep a server in your home to run a website on.  It has been said that “any publicity is good publicity”, but in a situation where customers flee you like the plague there may be an exception.  I bet ReThink never finds itself in a situation like above… At least I hope not.

Many web hosting sites and business seem to keep adding things on to their services to entice new customers.  A common offer I keep reading about is for a free site builder.  Under no circumstance should you be choosing your hosting company based on some “what you see is what you get editor”.  Not only are these site builders inefficient but they are difficult to use and have zero search engine optimization capabilities.

What Should You Use To Create A Website

It depends on what you want from your website, but there are a lot of options available.  Firstly, you can use a web designer who will be able to meet your sites expectations.  We can have smaller sites built for around $500 that clean and search engine optimized.  If that’s still out of your range than O-Desk is a neat alternative, simply post your requirements and your budget and people will bid on your business. Lastly, if you want an even cheaper option there are several open source blog type software suites that are absolutely amazing and completely free.  Blogging suites have evolved enough that they are able to sometimes out-compete websites with thousands of dollars in design and coding.

Best Blogging Suites

Ultimately it’s up to your personal opinion but WordPress would be my recommendation.  Most hosting companies use Fantastico which enables novice users to setup a WordPress site in only a few minutes.  We have been using Fantastico for years and it has only worked out well for our clients.  WordPress runs in the back-end of hundreds of thousands of websites, large and small.  It is extremely customizable, SEO friendly, and easy to use and learn.

Blogger is Google’s version of blogging software; it’s not as popular or customizable but as beginning software it is intuitive and easy to learn.  Drupal is another version that works well and is highly customizable, with great SEO capabilities. The last I would recommend checking out is Movable Type which was first released way back in 2001 and still enjoys a lot of popularity.

Final Note

Each method has ups and downs so if you want any advice give us a call, tell us your goals and we can, at the very least point you in the right direction.


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