We build a lot of websites here at ReThink hosting (as well as host them) and one great technique that we have been employing increasingly is to purchase an established site.  A number of our clients have been HVAC industry based companies, and, as we all know there are a significant number of companies that don’t make it.  In addition to that there are a a number of sites that are built with generic names that function to simply pull leads in for furnaces, water heaters, air conditioners and other HVAC equipment.  These, and all sites take a lot of work to maintain of which we have been able to capitalize by purchasing the site from the owner.

An established sited helps in a number of ways, first we consult with our client and see if they are willing to merge their business into this per-established site and domain name.  If they say yes we simply work to clean up the code, update graphics, and re-brand towards the new companies goals.  Just like that the company has a strong website and web presence, with plenty of Google reputation.  This method instantly gives a brand new company 2-3 years of internet reputation in a matter of one weeks work.  The internet has a very fast turnover rate so the older a site is the more positively it is looked at in search rankings.

Alternatively if the new company doesn’t want to assume the new site as their corporate identity we build them a new one to their taste and utilize the secondary site for lead generation and Google juice.  We will re-brand the new site towards the ideals of the take over corporation and push links from the old to the new site.  This will give this new company instant traction on search engines and will help to speed up its integration.  In addition any leads generated from the old site help to push the new company towards success.

Purchasing an established website can be tricky and time consuming but if the right situation appears the benefits are well worth the costs.  The sites we purchased on behalf of clients in the past have been anywhere between $2,000 and $20,000 with visitors numbering between 4,000 and 50,000 per month.

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