Green Hosting Background

There is a big push to go green now; I don’t want to brag but ReThink Hosting was one of the pioneers in the green web hosting era.  After completing an Environmental Degree at York University I knew I wanted to merge both the green revolution and the burgeoning technology sector. The program at York allowed students to really tailor where they wanted their focus to develop.  I had developed several websites before and during my years at York and saw a clear need for Green Hosting.  Back then hosting companies used large inefficient servers housed in large inefficiently cooled rooms and I knew this while presenting a project on real time mapping to environmentalists; luckily no-one but me was the wiser.

The Development

After school I friend an I began thinking of ways to green the hosting industry, we went to the source of the power and partnered early with Bullfrog Power.  We then setup server and powered them from the green energy that Bullfrog was providing.  Now, as the green revolution has become much more mainstream servers, CPU’s, hard drives, and every component within the server have experienced significant reductions in power demand.  This reduction has decreased server room cooling demand exponentially.

Our New Green Tech Support Service

We still maintain all out own server and power them with local Bullfrog Power but we have also branched out into small business support.  There seems to be a burgeoning entrepreneurship development as job are becoming harder to come by. The problem is that you need a web presence now and it can be difficult to run your business, draw in leads and sales, as well as maintain and develop a web presence.  A new service we offer is web hosting with additional support, so when you get stuck moving that image, or creating that automatic form, or setting up analytic goals we are here to help.  Tasks that can take 3 hours of your time to research and figure out can be solved in 5 minutes with our help.  Our new hosting plan now comes with an hour of tech support a month.  So if your hesitant about setting up that new blog or Google + account take advantage of our new service and give yourself a great web presence.

Contact Us

I’m going to add my personal cell number so if you have any questions CALL ME.  If your sneaky you may even get some free tech information out of me, but only once (unless you sign on to our new plan)   647 882 0743

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