Green web hosting in Toronto

We offer custom hosting plans for people in the Ontario and power our servers with 100% green energy from Bullfrog Power.   In addition to our commitment to renewable energy we also take a personal interest in your account and your needs.  Each of our customers are setup on a one on one basis, in fact we offer free help transitioning old websites over to our servers as well as building new ones.   WordPress is an amazing content management system that is very search engine friendly and we like to see out new customers start out on this system.  So if your looking to start a website just ask us for a hand and we will be more than happy to help.

Toronto hosting plan Costs

What can you expect to pay for a premium service like this? Well don’t expect much more than $10 a month, sure you can find some cheaper hosting plans out there but we guarantee personal help and support to all our clients.  We guarantee a 60/1 ratio at all times, so for every 60 clients we have 1 full time employee, so your guaranteed great service.  Toronto green web hosting is what we offer.

Small Business Hosting

Our services are perfect for small business as we offer help for any and all issues.  Here is a recent example from the;  the owner was having an issue with a lead submission form that was acting up and not sending the email 100% of the time.  He brought the issue to our attention and we were able to check out his submission code and find the small error that was causing the glitch, we quickly corrected the issue and the website owner hasn’t had any issues since.  Sometimes little things like that can take up an entire day its nice to have a secondary option to fall back on when things become frustrating.  ReThink Hosting offers that kind of personalized help and support.

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